Foyer des Enfants

FEP is an orphanage in Les, Cayes Haiti which began when two women decided they could no longer watch children living on the street and do nothing. FEP has operated as an independent orphanage for over 20 years, taking in children who need love and care. FEP currently cares for around 30 children, teens, and young adults. The orphanage is led by two women named Gerta and Mekiell. Our organization, Hearts and Hands of Heroes, runs through this orphanage and school to provide the best care, education, nutrition, financial support, and spiritual guidance possible for the girls and the community it resides in. 


Providence Academy

Hearts and Hands partners with Providence Academy to ensure high quality education for the children who live in FEP. Providence Academy allows for a rigorous study of English for one semester before diving into core subjects which are taught in English. The reason for choosing an English model school is to allow for greater opportunities after high school including options for post-secondary education and employment. Providence Academy educates not only the children living at FEP, but also many children in the community.

Along with being taught in English, the school also allows for an education focused on higher level thinking. Education in Haiti is typically characterized by memorization for a test and hours of homework each night. Homework provides a number of issues, the most problematic being a lack of electricity at night for students to be able to work. This new model focuses more deeply on problem solving and critical thinking. The school has proved to be extremely successful for the students since its opening and Hearts and Hands looks forward to continuing our partnership with Providence Academy to bring quality education to the community in Les Cayes. 


In the Community

While Hearts and Hands' strongest point of contact in Haiti is FEP, we also have a wonderful relationship with many people in the community as well. Through our Community Sponsor Program, Hearts and Hands provides sponsorship to approximately 14 families from the community surrounding FEP in order to provide for the educational, nutritional, and medical needs of the families.